Currently, Yosh & Yimmy are in the studio working on their debut full-length album. The first single, “Down & Out” will be released Aug. 20.

On “Down & Out,” the pair entwine beautiful harmonies to muse on the fact that maybe losing everything isn’t so bad.

“‘Down & Out’ is inspired by how we as artists tend to deliver our best work when we are down on our luck, or heartbroken,” the pair tell Adobe & Teardrops. “It’s basically an upbeat song about being — down and out!”

RACHEL CHOLST, Adobe & Teardrops

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“In a lovely crescendo of harmonies and acoustic guitar, Yosh & Yimmy regale you with the traditional folk sound blended with contemporary vocal intonations, as they offer a pleasing amalgam of masculine harmonies.  We highly recommend giving this a close listen.”


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