“The duo creates a sense of suspense with simple instruments and then plays their lovely songs that are somehow whimsical and unpretentious with a depth of complexity at the same time. They craft some very catchy tunes with memorable lyrics to boot, plus their harmonies are wonderful.”

Melissa Clarke, Americana Highways

“This (“Down & Out”) is a sticky as hell earworm that you will find yourself singing throughout the day. Add this surprise 2021 tune to your playlist. You will be a happier person for doing so.”


“I like supporting artists and things like that,” Mr. Kippy added. “I enjoy doing it. I also like supporting local musicians because I think they really have to be brave to get out there and try to do it.“You have to go out there and take your shot.”

Yosh & Yimmy’s are currently polishing their debut full length album, recorded at Skidmore’s Sound Machine Studios, and are gearing up the marketing.”

Paul Gonzales, News of San Patricio

Proof is their latest release – the track is catchy but also has a folky feel to it. The guitar melodies are very pretty, and the upbeat rhythm gives the song a very nice feel. I also really enjoyed the vocal harmonies on show here, making the song sound even more beautiful overall. It’s great to hear a band trying something a bit different!”

Jane Howkins, York Calling, UK

Currently, Yosh & Yimmy are in the studio working on their debut full-length album. The first single, “Down & Out” will be released Aug. 20.

On “Down & Out,” the pair entwine beautiful harmonies to muse on the fact that maybe losing everything isn’t so bad.

“‘Down & Out’ is inspired by how we as artists tend to deliver our best work when we are down on our luck, or heartbroken,” the pair tell Adobe & Teardrops. “It’s basically an upbeat song about being — down and out!”

RACHEL CHOLST, Adobe & Teardrops

VIDEO PREMIERE: Yosh & Yimmy Take Heartful Turn on Number Written About Tom Petty’s Death: “The Day You Learned To Fly”

“In a lovely crescendo of harmonies and acoustic guitar, Yosh & Yimmy regale you with the traditional folk sound blended with contemporary vocal intonations, as they offer a pleasing amalgam of masculine harmonies.  We highly recommend giving this a close listen.”


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