Yosh & Yimmy are excited to return to The Old Quarter, a legendary and historic venue in Galveston, TX on Saturday, July 1st! It is an amazing listening room experience, for both audience and performer, and we look forward to sharing that with you. Joining us will be special guest Garrett Wieland (The Independent Thieves)!

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Three Rivers album cover designed by Lola Rathka Shearer

We are now officially THREE DAYS away from the worldwide release of our debut studio album, “Three Rivers”!

Check out what some media outlets have to say about the new record, and #YoshAndYimmy in general!

“Overall, this disc is an exceptional introduction to what the bearded boys can do in the studio and their current musical direction. It highlights their distinctive style, noteworthy harmonies, pensive song lyrics, and an occasionally obvious sense of humor. So, check out Yosh & Yimmy’s Three Rivers and truly Breathe Again.” — WILL PHOENIX, HVY JOURNALISTS

“The 46-minute 12-cut Three Rivers (Drops June 24– Independent) is a well-balanced collection of songs with the added value of faithful vocals that work solo & in tandem. The songs have character & are constructed with lots of emotional notes stylistically & all well-conceived. They resonate with ears that enjoy music that is articulate.” — JOHN APICE, AMERICANA HIGHWAYS

“Three Rivers, the new album from Yosh & Yimmy is both something new and an echo of artists like Loggins & Messina and Cat Stevens. The album is reflective, clever, and lovely… Three Rivers is superb. The vocals, especially the harmonies, are memorable. This is a great album to put on during a lazy afternoon and listen all the way through.” — P.D. CASTEEL, OLD MAN INDIE

“Even Texas troubadours have to come into the modern age and go PoMo (Post Modern) and this duo does just that. As groundbreaking as their mentors and elders in the Texas lineage, they know how to play it straight and how to take it off kilter to solid results. Quirky without ever getting weird for the sake of weird, 30 years from now kids will be looking at them as the new Guy and Townes.” — MIDWEST RECORD

Yosh & Yimmy // Photo by Joy Bailey

It’s all happening!

We are releasing our debut album in less than three weeks and going on tour in just under a month from now! And this is where you come in!

Those gas prices, y’all, they’re ridiculous.

To ensure an uber successful tour, doing in the right way, we can use a little help.

Anything counts. $1, $5, $50, $1 billion. Whatever you can afford 🙂

And it doesn’t cost anything to share with your friends and family!

Much love for your support, and we can’t wait to see you in a city near you soon!

To head to the Indiegogo campaign and become a contributor today, CLICK HERE

Thank you so much to our current campaign contributors: Lindsay Robichaux (VIP Admission), Carla Gardiner (VIP Admission), Benjamin Glenn (Official Tour Booklet), Beverly J. Galarza (Signed T-Shirt / CD).

“Three Rivers” album design by Lola Rathka Shearer

We can’t believe we are exactly ONE MONTH from the release of Yosh & Yimmy’s debut full-length studio album, “Three Rivers”! The album — made up of 12 songs written by Josh Glenn and/or Jimmy Willden (along with a little help on “Down & Out” — showcases the diverse stylings of one of Texas’ most uniquely original singer-songwriter duos. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as the album starts rolling out to the press and radio stations across the county…and beyond!

We will also be announcing a nationwide summer tour, set for July 2022, to support the album’s release.

DISCLAIMER – While the digital release will be exactly as intended, the first run of CDs for “Three Rivers”, however, were printed with an order discrepancy, where many of the songs after track four (“Proof”) are out of the intended order. These first 300 CDs are now, in fact, collector’s editions (you’re welcome).

The order of the songs on the first 300 CDs are as follows:

  1. Early Sun
  2. Breathe Again
  3. Down & Out
  4. Proof
  5. I Can’t Help Myself
  6. Without A Barrier
  7. Same Way (Wynter’s Song)
  8. McKinley Farm
  9. Seedless Watermelon
  10. Some Kind of Self
  11. Wake (Floyd’s Song)
  12. Ghosts in the Darkness

The following is the intended track order:


01 – Early Sun (3:54) +

02 – Breathe Again (3:13) –

03 – Down & Out (2:56) ^

04 – Proof (3:29) *

05 – Without A Barrier (4:36) +

06 – Same Way (Wynter’s Song) (3:15) –

07 – I Can’t Help Myself (4:38) –

08 – Seedless Watermelon (2:57) +

09 – Some Kind of Self (4:48) –

10 – McKinley Farm (3:58) +

11 – Wake (Floyd’s Song) (3:04) *

12 – Ghosts in the Darkness (5:01) –

+ Written by Josh Glenn, – Written by Jimmy Willden, ^ Written by Jimmy Willden & Ty Dietz, * Written by Josh Glenn & Jimmy Willden

Produced by Mason Shirley and Yosh & Yimmy

Recorded and mixed by Mason Shirley at Sound Machine Studio in Skidmore, TX (except “Early Sun” – recorded and mixed by Brant Sankey in San Antonio, TX)

Mastered by Dave McNair


JOSH GLENN – Lead vocals, harmonies, acoustic guitars, banjo, looping, etc. 

JIMMY WILLDEN – Lead vocals, harmonies, acoustic guitars, banjo

MASON SHIRLEY – Electric guitars, bass, pedal steel on “I Can’t Help Myself”, banjo on “McKinley Farm”

KRIS REDUS – Drums, percussion, and hammer dulcimer on “Proof”

ANDREW REYES – Piano, keys


Ty Dietz – Harmonica on “Down & Out”

Melodie Chase – Cello on “Without A Barrier”

Emily Nelson – Cello on “Ghosts in the Darkness”

 A warm howdy to you and thank you for joining our monthly(ish) newsletter!    Cheers!  Now, on to the fun stuff…


There’s so much happening in the Y&Y camp, it’s hard to know where to start.  We have our debut full length album coming out this mid-March with a string of shows to follow, we started a YouTube series, and we’re about to start mapping out our Summer Tour!  There’s also some other fun stuff we’ve been up to! After a little time and thought, we’ve come up with a title to our debut album.

It’s going to be called “Three Rivers” and no, it’s not a song title on the new album.  It’s actually a city in south Texas that just so happens to be approximately halfway between Corpus Christi (Jimmy’s hometown) and San Antonio (Josh’s hometown).  We love this title because it creates a bit of mystery on the surface but also really symbolizes the fact that we both brought our individual songwriting styles to meet in the middle and work together to tell a bigger story.

So it’s true that we are actually finished recording and mixing the album, but we still have the final hurdles of getting the album mastered, distributed to radio stations, and printing physical copies.  If you already donated, we love and appreciate your support!  If you would like to donate now, here’s a fun way for you do so: Guess the change in the tip jar featured in our “change video” on Instagram, and the person closest to the official grand total (without going over) will win a #YoshAndYimmy Prize Bundle (including a signed copy of the new album, stickers, and a TON of other exclusive content). 

To play head on over to our Instagram to watch the short video and make your guess:  https://www.instagram.com/yoshandyimmy/?hl=en

Donate at least a $1.00 to us via Venmo at @sleightproductions or Paypal via PayPal.me/SleightProductions,  along with a message giving us your guess.  Winner will be announced on Friday, Feb. 25 at 4pm on our website at YoshandYimmy.com.  If you donate $10 or more, you can make up to 2 guesses.  For $20 or more you can make up to 3 guesses. 



Episode one:  

Episode two: https://youtu.be/6-MbO9aR-0o

Episode three: https://youtu.be/vboIoNeWEbo

Starting last summer, while we were staying in Skidmore, Tx recording our album at Sound Machine Studios, we killed some time by starting a little game we called “Roll the Dice with Yosh & Yimmy” (episode links above).  It’s one part drinking game, one part playing music, and all parts ridiculous and sometimes a little crude.  We had so much fun doing it, we did a few more and now we’re releasing the first two episodes, OUT NOW on our YouTube page, with new episodes out every Tuesday.  We hope to improve quality as we go along but are really excited to share these with you.  Please like and leave us comments, even to say you think we’re complete idiots for doing this. 

Here’s our current list of shows coming up:
3/5/22 – 

San Antonio – The Good Kind – 8-11pm  

3/10/22 – Corpus Christi – Executive Surf Club – 8-11pm

3/11/22 – Fredericksburg – Pecan Grove Store – 6:30-9:30pm

3/12/22 – Bandera – Bandera Brewery – 6-9pm

3/19/22 – San Antonio – The Point Park – 6-9pm

4/9/22 – San Antonio – King William Fair (Pat’s Pub stage) – 11:50am-1pm

King William Fair tickets can be purchased here: 


More shows are coming soon!  Follow us on Instagram @yoshandyimmy to get the most up to date info on all things Y&Y!  Also feel free to tell a friend about us.  Send ’em on over to our website to get a taste of what we’re all about.  

If you’re interested in jumping into the trenches with us and want to join our street team, please reach out to us here:  YoshandYimmy@gmail.com with STREET TEAM in the subject line.As for our Summer tour

, we’ve blocked off the month of July and are planning to visit as many Mid-West small towns as we can!  Do you know someone who could help us book a show somewhere?  Send us their contact info : )In other news

, we just had a fun afternoon recording session for KPSA online radio ( A Jojodancer production – @jojodancerproduction) at Blue Star Art Complex in San Antonio.  Our songs should start rotating in the mix soon.  Listen to the station here:  http://kpsaradio.com

Ok, that’s it for now.  Feel free to send us an email, if even to say hi!  Visit our website for extra videos and our ongoing blog at:  https://yoshandyimmy.com Thanks for reading and hope to see you at a show soon!  

Immense love and appreciation…and beards,

Yosh & Yimmy

“Proof”, the second single from our upcoming debut studio album is out now on all digital platforms.

You can stream it on Spotify HERE.

Stream it on Apple Music HERE.

Stream it on Amazon Music HERE.

Stream it on Deezer HERE.

Stream it on Soundcloud HERE.

Consider adding it to your favorite playlists, etc.

Peace, love, and beards,

Yosh & Yimmy