“Three Rivers” coming THIS FRIDAY!!!

Three Rivers album cover designed by Lola Rathka Shearer

We are now officially THREE DAYS away from the worldwide release of our debut studio album, “Three Rivers”!

Check out what some media outlets have to say about the new record, and #YoshAndYimmy in general!

“Overall, this disc is an exceptional introduction to what the bearded boys can do in the studio and their current musical direction. It highlights their distinctive style, noteworthy harmonies, pensive song lyrics, and an occasionally obvious sense of humor. So, check out Yosh & Yimmy’s Three Rivers and truly Breathe Again.” — WILL PHOENIX, HVY JOURNALISTS

“The 46-minute 12-cut Three Rivers (Drops June 24– Independent) is a well-balanced collection of songs with the added value of faithful vocals that work solo & in tandem. The songs have character & are constructed with lots of emotional notes stylistically & all well-conceived. They resonate with ears that enjoy music that is articulate.” — JOHN APICE, AMERICANA HIGHWAYS

“Three Rivers, the new album from Yosh & Yimmy is both something new and an echo of artists like Loggins & Messina and Cat Stevens. The album is reflective, clever, and lovely… Three Rivers is superb. The vocals, especially the harmonies, are memorable. This is a great album to put on during a lazy afternoon and listen all the way through.” — P.D. CASTEEL, OLD MAN INDIE

“Even Texas troubadours have to come into the modern age and go PoMo (Post Modern) and this duo does just that. As groundbreaking as their mentors and elders in the Texas lineage, they know how to play it straight and how to take it off kilter to solid results. Quirky without ever getting weird for the sake of weird, 30 years from now kids will be looking at them as the new Guy and Townes.” — MIDWEST RECORD

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