“Three Rivers” releases June 24!!

“Three Rivers” album design by Lola Rathka Shearer

We can’t believe we are exactly ONE MONTH from the release of Yosh & Yimmy’s debut full-length studio album, “Three Rivers”! The album — made up of 12 songs written by Josh Glenn and/or Jimmy Willden (along with a little help on “Down & Out” — showcases the diverse stylings of one of Texas’ most uniquely original singer-songwriter duos. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as the album starts rolling out to the press and radio stations across the county…and beyond!

We will also be announcing a nationwide summer tour, set for July 2022, to support the album’s release.

DISCLAIMER – While the digital release will be exactly as intended, the first run of CDs for “Three Rivers”, however, were printed with an order discrepancy, where many of the songs after track four (“Proof”) are out of the intended order. These first 300 CDs are now, in fact, collector’s editions (you’re welcome).

The order of the songs on the first 300 CDs are as follows:

  1. Early Sun
  2. Breathe Again
  3. Down & Out
  4. Proof
  5. I Can’t Help Myself
  6. Without A Barrier
  7. Same Way (Wynter’s Song)
  8. McKinley Farm
  9. Seedless Watermelon
  10. Some Kind of Self
  11. Wake (Floyd’s Song)
  12. Ghosts in the Darkness

The following is the intended track order:


01 – Early Sun (3:54) +

02 – Breathe Again (3:13) –

03 – Down & Out (2:56) ^

04 – Proof (3:29) *

05 – Without A Barrier (4:36) +

06 – Same Way (Wynter’s Song) (3:15) –

07 – I Can’t Help Myself (4:38) –

08 – Seedless Watermelon (2:57) +

09 – Some Kind of Self (4:48) –

10 – McKinley Farm (3:58) +

11 – Wake (Floyd’s Song) (3:04) *

12 – Ghosts in the Darkness (5:01) –

+ Written by Josh Glenn, – Written by Jimmy Willden, ^ Written by Jimmy Willden & Ty Dietz, * Written by Josh Glenn & Jimmy Willden

Produced by Mason Shirley and Yosh & Yimmy

Recorded and mixed by Mason Shirley at Sound Machine Studio in Skidmore, TX (except “Early Sun” – recorded and mixed by Brant Sankey in San Antonio, TX)

Mastered by Dave McNair


JOSH GLENN – Lead vocals, harmonies, acoustic guitars, banjo, looping, etc. 

JIMMY WILLDEN – Lead vocals, harmonies, acoustic guitars, banjo

MASON SHIRLEY – Electric guitars, bass, pedal steel on “I Can’t Help Myself”, banjo on “McKinley Farm”

KRIS REDUS – Drums, percussion, and hammer dulcimer on “Proof”

ANDREW REYES – Piano, keys


Ty Dietz – Harmonica on “Down & Out”

Melodie Chase – Cello on “Without A Barrier”

Emily Nelson – Cello on “Ghosts in the Darkness”

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